Titan Water Heater Review : Economical Water Heating Alternatives

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Point-of-use tankless water heaters are the majority of Titan models. Some are big enough to supply water to a whole apartment or condo. If so many models exist, which is the best fit for you?

With economical and effective water heaters that will match your demands, Titan tankless water heaters are some of the greatest goods in the market. In Florida, United States, they manufacture a selection of point-of-use and whole-house tankless water heaters.

The Titan N-120, seen below, is one of our favourite Titan water heaters. It’s an excellent point-of-use water heater with a maximum output of 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute.

Titan Electric Tankless Water Heater

Titan N-160 Electric Tankless Water Heater


The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 36 Plus is a whole-house water heating alternative that we advise. Up to 4 litres of hot water may be produced every minute.

Stiebel Eltron Tankless Heater – Tempra 36 Plus – Electric, On Demand Hot Water, Eco, White

Stiebel Eltron 239223 Tankless Water Heater

The greatest water heaters on the market and advice on choosing the right one will be the main topics of our Titan water heater review.

Titan Tankless Water Heaters: Who Makes Them?

Niagara Industries, a respectable firm that makes the top-selling Titan SCR2 model, makes Titan tankless water heaters. The business was founded in 1985 and has its headquarters in Florida.

As the inventor of electric water heaters, Niagara Industries is still one of the world’s top manufacturers of tankless electric heaters. In place of the on/off feature, the business uses distinctive features like the PID controller in the Titan heaters.

The firm also employs an air-water deferential analyzing system to prevent dry starts, a typical problem for other tankless water heater types.

What country manufactures Titan Tankless Water Heaters?

Only some businesses, including domestic brands, manufacture water heaters in the country. Titan, though, is an exception.

The business has introduced manufacturing employment to the country. It has partnered with business specialists, including NASA, to build and develop circuit processing power. As a result, the organization provides the best items in its sector.

How durable are Titan water heaters?

The lifespan of a Titan tankless water heater is 15 to 20 years. The quantity of care and repairs you provide the heater will determine the precise time. Longevity increases with more routine maintenance.

All Niagara Industries tankless water heaters include a 10-year limited warranty on the product’s casino and a one-year warranty on parts. You may easily acquire a replacement if anything is destroyed during this time.

How Reliable are Titan Water Heaters?

The most dependable goods on the market are Titan water heaters. On-demand, certain Titan items offer limitless hot water. Additionally, the water heaters use less electricity.

The estimated lifespan of these heaters is 15 to 20 years, making them durable as well.

They employ cutting-edge technology that ensures peak performance. It has a PID controller, which substitutes the on/off technology, and brass/copper parts, which provide resistance to hard water and sediment buildup.

Modern tankless heater types, like the Titan SCR2, are made with cutting-edge technology, incorporating high-speed electronic integrated circuits. These heaters are suitable for a range of uses, including both home and commercial ones.

Common Titan Water Heater Features

  • Every Titan product complies with ANSI and UL requirements.
  • The goods are covered by a 10-year guarantee on the casing and a 1-year warranty on components. 
  • Between 15 and 20 years are the expected lifespan of the heaters.
  • They have a straightforward design that doesn’t call for difficult installations.
  • Dual Nichrome elements are used in heater designs for heating.
  • A manual resettable thermostat and two micro temp sensors are included in Titan units.
  • The heaters offer up to 99.5% energy efficiency.
  • They are built using a 1-2-inch common pipe fitting.
  • A minimum pressure of 5 psi and a maximum pressure of 150 psi are needed for the items.
  • There are two indicators for visual examination: green for STAND-BY and red for ON.


Titan N-85 SCR2 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 8.5 KW, 220V / 240V, 38 AMP

Titan N-85 SCR2

This is one of Titan’s most recent electric and tankless water heaters. The model is available in several sizes, with the N-120 being the most potent type. Additionally, of all the models, it has the largest flow rate.

The microprocessor in the Titan-SCR2 tracks consumption and automatically adjusts the power. Additionally, there is a power-saving option for the heaters.

Thanks to TEMPLOGIC technology, the Titan-SCR2 is one of the most sophisticated heaters.

Titan SCR4

SCR4 N-180 Titan Tankless Water Heater, 77 amp, 18 kW.

Titan SCR4 N-180

The Titan SCR4 is ideal if you’re looking for something with a greater temperature increase and more capacity. You may receive up to 5 GPM with this model.

These heaters come in N-210 and N-180 versions. In addition, they weigh 12–13 pounds. These heaters deliver up to 5 GPM of hot water, much as the Titan SCR2.

Be prepared to receive between 18 and 21 kW if you purchase a device based on this model. They are consequently perfect for bigger homes located in colder areas. They may also be used to warm up hard water.

Models Titan tankless water heaters

Series/Model Kilowatts Amps Max. GPM
SCR4 N-270 27 112 6.5
SCR4 N-210 21 88 5
SCR4 N-180 18 77 4.5
SCR3 N-160 16 66 4
SCR2 N120s 12.3 56 3.5
SCR2 N-120 11.8 54 3.5
SCR2 N-100 10.8 49 3
SCR2 N-85 8.5 38 2.5
SCR2 N-75 7.5 34 2
SCR2 N-64 6.4 29 1.5
SCR2 N-42 4.2 19 1
SCR2 N-10 3.2 29 0.5

Stiebel-Eltron Tankless Water Heater

Series/Model Kilowatts Amps Max. GPM
Tempra 36 Plus 36 150 4.0
Tempra 36 36 150 4.0
Tempra 29 Plus 28.8 120 4.0
Tempra 29 28.8 120 4.0
Tempra 24 Plus 24 100 3.5
Tempra 24 24 100 3.5
Tempra 20 Plus 19.2 80 3.0
Tempra 20 19.2 80 3.0
Tempra 15 Plus 14.4 60 2.5
Tempra 15 14.4 60 2.5
Tempra 12 Plus 12 50 2.0
Tempra 12 12 50 2.0
DHC-E 12 12 50 2.0
DHC-E 10 9.6 40 1.5
DHC-E 8 7.2 30 1.0

Point of Use Water Heaters

Series/Model Kilowatts Amps Max. GPM
Mini 6 4.7 24.7 0.5
Mini 4 3.5 15.2 0.5
Mini 3 3.0 25 0.5
SHC 4.0 Gal Mini Tank
SHC 2.5 Gal Mini Tank

Top Titan Water Heater Prices

Titan water heaters are among the most reasonably priced items in the market, given their high level of quality. The cost of these water heaters ranges from $205 to $485. For example, the SCR2-N10 is one of the more affordable Titan heaters, costing between $205 and $235. The SCR4 N-270 costs between $435 and $485, making it one of the priciest items.

The SCR3 N-160 is also available for $300 to $360. Titan heater costs vary depending on the model. Additionally, the prices differ from one merchant to another. Online and local retailers both carry Titan water heaters.

Along with the price of a Titan water heater, installation fees are another factor to consider. Installing these heaters may range from $400 to $1000. Installing a small tankless heater adjacent to a sink and putting it into an existing power outlet is the most affordable solution.

The size of the heater affects the installation cost, with larger heaters commanding a greater price. If you have little money, get a smaller model.

Although DIY installation is less expensive and technically feasible, we do not advise it owing to the potential for shock, particularly when working with 220V lines. It would help if you asked a qualified electrician or plumber to assist you in installing the heater.

Asking for quotations from many local contractors is the best way to receive high-quality and reasonably priced installations. Before choosing a building to employ, you may even give them a call, look into their background, and visit with some of them in person.

Warranty on Titan Water Heaters

To shield customers from flaws in the material and craftsmanship, Titan extends its guarantee. When a customer completes and signs a warranty registration certificate, it includes a 10-year warranty. Within 30 days after the purchase date, the certificate must be emailed.

Within a year after the purchase date, Titan will replace or repair any defective water heater at no cost. Titan will repair or replace any casing that develops a flaw under regular service, usage, and installation within ten years after the initial 1-year guarantee expires.

To receive the warranty, you must present a purchase receipt. Your guarantee will be invalidated if your heater is damaged due to negligence, overuse, abuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or faulty installation.

Comparing Titan To Other Brands

One of the most recognized water heater manufacturers is Titan. The business is renowned for inventing and creating energy-efficient water while emphasizing cutting-edge technologies.

The fact that Titan heaters are designed and manufactured in the United States is a key selling factor. Purchasing these items demonstrates support for small and medium-sized businesses in your community and the decent quality and efficiency of American-developed products.

Despite the positive reputation of these water heaters, there are still certain areas where the brand needs to catch up. It has much room to develop as well.

Titan now only creates electric water heaters; powered heaters are not included. The heaters are also ideal for smaller homes and residential use since they seem interested in something other than the commercial and industrial sectors.

Compared to competitors, the Titan brand has yet to produce water heaters with contemporary features like Wi-Fi connectivity.

Despite this, they can still create durable and efficient water heaters without needing more modern bells and whistles. Aside from that, Titan is a respected company that has attracted thousands of clients.

In addition to producing items that outlast the typical 10-year guarantee, the firm offers skilled customer service.

Troubleshooting Tips for Titan Water Heaters

You must address several issues with Titan water heaters for them to operate well. These are a few of the problems with the Titan heater:

  • Cold water: Your heater may produce cold water instead of hot water. This could happen if electricity is lost at the heating element. 
  • Lukewarm water: Due to family water usage and easy modifications, the water may occasionally need to be hotter. The temperature control knob must be adjusted to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Water leaks: Dripping pressure relief valves are mostly to blame. 
  • Water odour: Your hot water may occasionally have a foul smell. This could happen due to the high sulfate concentration and low oxygen level. 

Check out our post on issues with Titan tankless water heaters.

Buying a Titan Tankless Heater: Things to Think About

Finding the ideal Titan tankless heater for your requirements is difficult. You must consider several variables when choosing the sort of water heater you want to buy. Check them out below


Your pricing range is a crucial factor to take into account. Most of the time, smaller water heaters are cheaper, but larger ones are more expensive. Deciding how much you’re willing to shell out would be best. Just purchase products that you can afford.


Water heaters come in a variety of designs to suit various needs. Make sure everything is covered before making a heater purchase. Also, be aware of the lengthy warranty. If you purchase a defective product, a guarantee assures you’ll get it fixed or replaced.

Consol Panels

Most tankless water heaters have buttons you may press to change the temperature you like. But some are more sophisticated and provide a variety of alternatives. Some of them have just one temperature-control button. Before making a water heater purchase, you must consider this.


As we have already seen, there are many sizes of heaters. In comparison to larger ones, tiny heaters are less expensive. However, you should be ready for unwelcome temperature fluctuations if you want to acquire them for larger residences. The heater could be unable to handle the electricity demand.

Questions and Answers

How is the temperature of the Titan water heater adjustable?

The process of cooling or heating a Titan water heater is identical to that of an air conditioner. All heaters have a control panel where you may quickly reduce or raise the temperature as desired.

Some even let you change the temperature using an LCD panel. Even the temperature in various rooms of your home may be adjusted.

What is the level of customer service at Titan Water Heaters?

The business promises a never-ending supply of hot water, which is also reasonably priced. The application engineers, technicians, and personnel will meet your every need. To reach them by email, go to Titantech@engineer.com if you have any technical questions. To install software or get additional advice, you may also contact support.

How long is the warranty on the Titan water heater?

Ten years of warranty are offered on all Titan heating components. All other devices come with a one-year guarantee. However, the 10-year warranty will only be valid if you email the appropriate agent with a registration card within 30 days of buying the device. The replacement or repair of a product that seems to be faulty during installation.

The Titan heater installation process?

There is usually an installation manual included with a Titan water heater. Installation guidelines for plumbing and electricity are included in the handbook. The heater’s warranty may be seen here as well. Before installing the heater, always read the manual. You may, however, get assistance from a qualified plumber if you need more expertise.


As shown above, purchasing a Titan water heater is ideal if you live somewhere with enough water and want to invest long-term in a dependable heater.

Titan products are more affordable, safer, and smaller than other heaters on the market. It is simple to install and distribute the heater by yourself due to its tiny size.