Noritz Tankless Water Heater Review: Unrivaled Warranty Coverage Meets

Are you looking for a high-quality, energy-efficient tankless water heater? Given that the company offers dependable outdoor and indoor versions, Noritz is one of the greatest options.

Because they are more energy-efficient and follow an ecologically friendly philosophy, Noritz concentrates more on gas (propane and natural gas) tankless water heaters. The Japanese company Noritz is well known for developing cutting-edge heaters with extensive warranties.

This Noritz review looks at some of the important details you should know regarding the Noritz company, including the best heaters.

How Long Has Noritz Been Making Water Heaters?

The Noritz America Corporation created and developed the Noritz water heaters. The business was established in 2001 to satisfy American consumers’ rising need for water heaters that are both economical and ecologically beneficial.

Noritz America Corporation offers services to both commercial and residential property owners in Canada and the US. Noritz has committed to outstanding technological advancements, sustainability, and major research investment in tankless water heaters.

The cost of maintaining 40–50 gallons of hot water in a storage tank is no longer necessary, thanks to the company’s production of tankless water heaters. For a typical household, it may save them more than $100 annually

Noritz wants to provide clients with the best water heaters at competitive prices. The firm stands behind its products to guarantee meeting clients’ demands. 

Tankless water heaters are another popular product line Noritz offers, with several heater lines addressing different client demands. The heaters have a small footprint and flexible installation options, which conserves space. 

The durability of the heaters was also considered in their development. Additionally, they require little upkeep. You will receive one of the greatest warranty deals in the business if you purchase a Noritz product.

If the company’s products meet your standards for quality, don’t think twice about purchasing any of them.

Is Noritz a Reliable and Good Water Heater?

The NRC661 is a less powerful but still efficient water heater from the NR series. The heater has a 6.6 GPM capacity and is ideal for tiny houses and flats. For instance, this water heater provides enough hot water for two bathrooms.

The heater’s small form makes it perfect for homes with limited space. You may fit the heater in a garage, closet, or attic if you have adequate ventilation. You may install it in chilly places since it has a freeze-prevention feature.

Additionally, since you can buy a remote to operate the heater, it does not need to be accessible. It has a 0.91 energy efficiency rating and emits less NOx, reducing its negative environmental consequences.

The heater includes two corrosion-resistant heat exchangers. The product, however, only functions with natural gas. It is only intended for installation inside.

Noritz tankless water heater EZTR40

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The first tankless heater on the market made it simple for homeowners to upgrade from a 40-gallon indoor heater to contemporary tankless technology. Whether they had propane or natural gas water heaters, it was created to aid householders in managing the move.

When you purchase this heater, you will receive isolation valves, vent kits, and everything else you need to convert. Utilizing the existing vent is made possible by its condensing technique. In comparison to other devices, the heart is also simple to install.

One of the industry’s quietest water heaters is the EZTR40. The heater is ideal for households with less than two bathrooms because of its 6.6 GPM flow rate. With an energy factor of 0.87, it is Energy Star certified.

How many electric tankless water heaters does Noritz produce?

Noritz, however, does not produce electric tankless water heaters. The business has made investments in the creation of gas-water models. Most types now on the market run on either propane or natural gas.

The available gas variants are high-quality and economical to run. Even a gas heater type that heats up to a temperature 50% more quickly than an electric heater is available. The most economical and effective water heater should be chosen.

Noritz water heaters’ lifespan

Water heaters made by Noritz are built to last and use little energy. The heaters have a 20-year lifespan. However, you need routine repair and maintenance if you want them to stay for extended periods.

Maintenance Inspections

Regular maintenance, as we’ve already discussed, will significantly lengthen the life of your Noritz water heater. To look for damage or leaks, annual inspections should be performed. Finding joints with gaps or body fractures can be helped by experts.

If you ignore them, small leaks quickly become larger, riskier ones. You would typically need to replace the affected parts if there were a leak.

Examine the Gas Lines

Inspection must occur at least once a year if your water heater is connected to a gas line.

During the examination, it would help to look for cracks or corrosion on the pipes. If there are, you should fix them right away or replace them.

Sometimes you could think that gas is leaking. If this occurs, respond right away to avert any potential harm. Make a professional appointment right away.

Give the Heater Enough Room

Giving your water heater ample room during installation might extend its life by several years. To prevent the water heater from being damaged easily, you should provide enough space around it. You will have ample room. As a result, to do regular maintenance.

The airflow in the system is increased by space, which lowers the likelihood of a fire. When you’ve found the ideal location, keep cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners out of the area.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Reviews

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What country manufactures Noritz water heaters?

Noritz America Corporation makes water heaters in Noritz. The company’s main product lines are tankless gas heaters and various water heater accessories.

The Noritz America Corporation is a division of the Norwitz Corporation, a Japanese company based in California. The business ensures that a sizable portion of its clientele receives the best value and level of satisfaction.

Along with purchasing the items, you are assured of receiving the greatest customer and technical support. Noritz has spent significant money on research and development to ensure the creation of high-quality water heaters.

The firm strives to provide its clients with high-quality, cost-effective water heaters.

Top Noritz Water Heater Prices

Energy efficiency and BTU are the key determinants of a Noritz water heater’s price. Costs increase as energy efficiency increases. For instance, the NRCP1112 water heater, which has a BTU of 199k and costs between $1,375 and $1,450, is highly energy efficient.

The NR83 costs between $965 and $1,025, is mid-energy efficient, and has a BTU of 180k.

Noritz NR98DVCNG Indoor Concentric Vent Tankless Hot Water Heater, max. 199,900 Btuh, 9.8 GPM – Natural Gas


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Noritz NR98

Purchasing a Noritz water heater locally or online will also affect the final price. For instance, you can be required to pay a delivery cost of up to $75 if you purchase it online. Some retailers do, however, provide free shipping. 

In addition to the purchase price, you may also need to pay for installation and upkeep. Installation fees for Noritz water heaters typically range from $800 to $1,500. The following requirements for your project will increase the cost of installation:

  • Running a new gas line inside your home
  • Your old water heater will be removed and disposed of.
  • new water line installation
  • Building inside when ventilation is necessary

You can reduce installation costs by performing the installation yourself if you have the necessary knowledge. The best choice, however, is to have the building done by a professional due to potential safety issues, including carbon monoxide and gas leaks.

To qualify for a warranty from Noritz, you must have the water heater professionally installed.

Noritz water heater warranties

Noritz is renowned for producing durable water heaters without manufacturing and material flaws. Because of this, the business provides a warranty that kicks in right away after installation. Additionally, it can be within 30 days of the purchase date. However, The heater must be installed by a Noritz Authorized Installer to qualify for the guarantee.

A 12-year guarantee covers the heat exchanger on most Noritz water heaters. However, the corporation offers a 25-year warranty on at least four goods. The home condensing models’ validation is one of the longest in the market.

How Does The Noritz Water Heater Compare To Others?

Noritz water heaters are more dedicated to excellence and efficiency than most other companies. For instance, one of the main advantages of these heaters is their modulating burners and twin stainless steel heat exchangers, which both ensure energy efficiency.

Like other companies, a Noritz device requires professional installation to qualify for a guarantee. The manufacturer also keeps their products simpler and more accessible. Consumers almost evenly distribute all other brands in their ratings of Noritz items.

As we’ll see below, Noritz distinguishes itself from rivals in various ways.


The Noritz brand is well known for its cutting-edge creations. The business has committed to bringing fresh perspectives and innovation to the sector. Every design, they make sure, is something that customers can identify with. For instance, each of their models uses little energy.

Ready to Support Their Products

The business is committed to its goods. Every product that it creates and develops is supported by it. This explains why all Noritz heaters are more effective and have longer lifespans.

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Various Lineup

For quite some time, Noritz has been at the forefront of putting into practice various cutting-edge designs that satisfy particular consumer needs. The goods include affordable, environmentally friendly, well-designed and long-lasting versions.

Wide-ranging Warranties

The business offers its clients a thorough warranty program. It comes with a 12-year guarantee for the heat exchanger, a 5-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on fair labour.

However, the water heater must be utilized in a single-family residence for the warranties to be effective.


The manufacturer has applied specified regulations on the plastic materials used in the water heater components. The code is useful in figuring out the various recyclable elements after removing the appliances. Therefore, Noritz is concerned about the environment.

Every product that Noritz creates is guaranteed to satisfy the various demands of clients. It distinguishes it from rivals because of this.

Common Noritz water heater issues

Although Noritz water heaters are among the best in the business, there are a few issues that you could run into when using the heater. However, solve problems carefully or call a specialist if you find issues.

When the water is running, it’s uncommon for the heater to fail to ignite. It would be best to look for a clogged drain valve filter and any crossed or reversed pipes in this area. Additionally, the water heater unit occasionally tries to ignite but is unsuccessful. Try setting the heating again. 

There are occasions when hot water won’t be available when you open the fixture. Verify whether there is gas available and whether the electricity is on. Call an expert if the issue continues. 

Other frequent issues include:

  • When the faucet is opened, there is no water flowing.
  • No hot water is provided to you at the proper temperature.
  • Really hot water

The Troubleshooting Tankless Water Heater Trouble Codes: Noritz tutorial contains a list of trouble codes.


As we’ve seen, Noritz is renowned for providing effective, trustworthy, distinctive, and long-lasting products. The business invented tankless heaters.

Since its inception, the business has benefited from technology and research to provide high-quality, energy-efficient water heaters.

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