Is the Noritz NR98 Worth It? An Honest Review and Comparison

All we hear these days is how we can and should care for our world better. Our current culture centres around one basic thing: how to do better for our globe, from recycling items to using less energy.

When you heat water a lot, you raise your energy cost and waste valuable energy. Fortunately for you and all of us, several options provide hot water without draining your bank account or harming the environment (at least not as much as old methods!).

How will tankless water heaters become so common?


Noritz NR98-OD NG Natural Gas Water Heater


Sensing the need to utilize less energy, industry professionals have been working for years to develop more energy-efficient technologies for our homes. Tankless water heaters are viable since they provide hot water on demand and indefinitely.

Because tankless water heaters do not have a tank, they do not consume energy to keep the water warm. Tankless water heaters minimize your energy bill from the first month since they use power only when you tap the water.

There are several advantages to using tankless systems because no tank is involved. The water is no longer allowed to remain and disrupt the system. With calcium and magnesium increasing the danger of corrosion, tankless water heaters are not at risk. However, it is still necessary to use a water softener, especially if the water hardness in your location is significant.

Lower corrosion risk leads to another key benefit of tankless water heaters: they are more durable than traditional tanks! Tankless water heaters may endure for at least 12 years if properly maintained (this varies by brand).

With no tank to rust or maintain, it stands to reason that tankless water heaters also require less maintenance. It may need to be flushed once a year or serviced occasionally, but less frequently than typical water heaters with tanks.

If you have a standard water heater with a tank, you know how difficult it is to locate a suitable and ample location. On the other hand, the tankless water heater eliminates the need for storage. Tankless water heaters take up less space and are ideal for anyone short on storage.

Aside from the bells and whistles, tankless water heaters have significant drawbacks. The gas versions may appear pricey (electric variants can also be expensive), especially when installation fees are included. It’s because, unless you want to violate the guarantee, you may need to employ a professionally qualified plumber for installation. But something has to give when your energy cost drops, and you get to rescue the earth simultaneously!

What can we say about the Noritz NRC111ODNG Residential Condensing Outdoor?

If Noritz tankless water heaters could be described in a single word, it would be “power.” They don’t capture attention with style or look (not that it matters), but they do with raw fire for huge volume. The Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor is no exception, with 199,900 BTUs and an incredible 11.1 GPM. This power level suggests it be used for heavy-duty tasks in big households and for commercial purposes.

AS A CONDENSING UNIT, Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor will provide severe heat while also providing great efficiency. Even in cold weather, the water heater is dependable and does not cease heating the water. If you reside in Alaska, the apartment can easily accommodate a sink, dishwasher, and two showers simultaneously.


Noritz NR98-OD NG Natural Gas Water Heater


What technical information supports the value?

The Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor provides hot water whenever needed. It is designed to assist you in transitioning from a typical tank water heater to a tankless water heater system in your house.

Heating water on demand, the Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor will save you hundreds of gallons of water each year while also lowering your energy cost. It’s a high-performance model with a slim design and clever technologies for maximum performance.

The Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor has a 0.91 energy factor and is a noteworthy model among high-efficiency water heaters. It is Energy Star certified, which speaks much about its energy efficiency.

The structure and features of a device so powerful should be outstanding, and the Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor does not disappoint in that regard. The heat exchanger is constructed of commercial-grade K-Copper. It is a 25% thicker substance than all other forms of copper.

The unit’s steel casing with polyester coating makes it tough and robust, and the direct electrical ignition provides safe and easy operation. You may digitally regulate the temperature ranging from 100 to 140F degrees (five intervals and nine possibilities). Many people like the remote control since it makes the operation easier.

As previously stated, the maximum output for the device is a fantastic 11,1 GPM, which places the water heater ahead of several competitors. If your application requires extra power, remember that you may connect two similar units. The Quick Connect function connects two comparable water heaters to act as one, increasing capacity and improving redundancy.

The installation is simple, but get a valve kit for the proper structure. The unit’s modest shape makes it simple to locate a storage space.

The 199,900 BTU is excellent, and the Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor is a perfect choice for a company or a high-water-demanding home. The item will quickly reduce the energy bill by half.

Great news about the warranty! A 12-year warranty covers the heat exchanger, and a 5-year warranty covers the parts.

Is there anything worth mentioning?

The Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor boasts outstanding features and incredible power, but here are a few of our favourites:

Noritz NR98

Noritz NR98-OD NG Natural Gas Water Heater

    • It is strong and trustworthy.
    • It may be used for business purposes as well as large households.
    • It can withstand 4-4.5 baths in the south and three in the north.
    • The Quick Connect function allows you to connect two devices.
    • The heat exchanger is constructed of commercial-grade K-copper.
    • The water heater is tough and long-lasting.
    • It’s tiny and incredibly powerful.

Should you back down regardless of the disadvantages?

We don’t believe the disadvantages to be deal breakers, but they should be considered:

  • It is a costly device.
  • It is not the most subtle tankless water heater.
  • There may be some pressure concerns from time to time.

So, what is our conclusion?

Noritz NR98-OD NG Residential Condensing Outdoor should be considered if a strong, dependable, and highly energy-efficient tankless water heater is required. This is especially true when one is needed for a business purpose.